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You can become the evil villain of the latest Batman movies with a voice changing Bane mask and action costume.

We've tracked down the best deals around for bane masks, costumes and accessories from major UK online stores including Escapade Fancy Dress, Jokers Masquerade, Amazon, Ebay, Party Domain and

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You can look just like Bane - and sound like him too!

There’s something really menacing and gripping about Bane in the Dark Knight Rises series of movies - and now you can look and sound just like the evil character himself.

The original DC Comics villain Bane used his mask to inject Venom (a special steroid) into his body to acquire superhuman prowess - enough to put the formidable Batman in a wheelchair.

Nolan's portrayal of the Caped Crusader has been more realistic and certainly grimmer than the comic book stories. His mask is used to pump the villain full of a pain killing drug because he has been traumatised by the injuries he suffered saving Talia, Ra's al Ghul's daughter.

It also muffles his voice, and together with Tom Hardy's bulked up figure, Bane is an imposing character indeed, especially after he is given a history with shades of grey that makes him more human than the DC original.

If you want to buy a Bane mask here, there are several choices, including models that have the voice changer mechanism. You will even find complete Bane costumes for children and adults here at very competitive prices.

When buying a Bane mask, you will want to make sure there are holes or perforations enough to allow you to breathe freely. Most Bane masks are made of a very flexible material giving the manufacturers confidence in stating that generally one side should fit all.

A cheap rubber Bane mask will cost around £10 but it is advisable to buy the best mask you can afford to ensure it had been made to the highest standards of safety from top quality materials.

Apart from the comfort factor which is usually subjective, a basic 3/4 rubber mask does not look too bad in spite of the low price. Mid range masks made from high quality latex that also give you the option for customized painting come at around £70.

The price rises a little when you want models with the voice modulator. The flexible materials of this army version of the mask means it is suitable for head sizes 20-26 inches. Silver or bronze colour choices are available.

The voice changer allows you to sound just like Bane when you speak and is detachable from the main mask. The modulator is powered by a single 9-volt battery which is not included.

Hand painted varieties of Bane mask are available and a top of the range urethane model costs around £225 - clearly an option only for the most devout Bane fan.

There is also an interesting creation by the UK based artist Rose Pope that is crocheted! Pope claims that you can wear this in winter to guard yourself against the cold in addition to making a fashion statement.

Pope's mask costs around £60 but there is currently a one-year waiting time to buy one since these are entirely handwoven by only two persons including the artist.

If you are looking for complete Bane costumes for boys and girls and adults, there are quite a few options to choose from and we have some excellent deals.

You can choose between plain cloth and latex. There is also the option to include a muscle chest. These are available both with and without the mask as part of the ensemble. Prices range from around £12.00 to £40.00 depending upon whether you choose the basic or the deluxe design.

Most Bane costumes feature a grey jumpsuit with combat-style trousers and armour top, mask, knee pads, gauntlet and belt.

Some Bane outfits are pretty simplistic with designs painted on cloth, and others, more detailed with latex padding. If you wish to buy yourself a good replica Bane jacket to complete the outfit, they come at prices between £60 and £170.

You'll certainly have all heads turning if you arrive at a fancy dress party wearing a Bane mask and costume.

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Compare UK prices for Bane Masks

Turn into the villain Bane with a voice changer mask

We bring you the best UK prices for Bane masks and fancy dress costumes.

Realistic masks - like those for sale here - are ideal for fancy dress parties and other events where you want to become the evil villain Bane.

The Bane mask has become a big seller for adults and children after Chris Nolan's blockbusting movie Dark Knight Rises hit the cinemas in 2012.

We have dozens of masks and costumes from leading UK fancy dress stores and other outlets including Ebay, Escapade, Amazon, Argos, Party Domain,, Loud Clothing, Zalando, Bucks Boarding and Jokers Masquerade.

As well as bringing you an extensive range of masks, we also feature many impressive costumes and Bane accessories, as well as a range of long and short-sleeved Bane T shirts, caps and hats. Some masks also come with handy Bane-themed bonus accessories such as an iPhone 5 case.

Whether you are looking for a cheap mask for a fancy dress party or a luxury voice changer model, we’ll have something here for you.



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